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Enabling blocked International call destinations
Article #5272

AT&T Office@Hand actively monitors activities on its network to protect customers from spam on inbound calls and fraud on outbound calls. By default, customers are blocked from calling certain international phone numbers or Blacklisted Destinations because they are frequently implicated in fraudulent calling schemes.

Office@Hand may grant a customer access to a Blacklisted Destination to become a Whitelisted Destination upon request. However, Office@Hand doesn’t recommend opening blocked destinations because they represent substantial fraud risk to the customers.

Should you want to pursue your request despite the knowledge of the risks involved in opening blocked destinations, you need to Sign the Agreement for Whitelisting International Phone Numbers Form.

You would need to sign a disclaimer accepting responsibility for costs associated with fraudulent transactions. There’s a 48 hour service-level agreement (SLA) for enabling destinations once signed agreement is received.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Download the Agreement for Whitelisting International Phone Numbers Form by clicking this link.

Step 2:

Read and understand the Agreement form.  Fill out the form correctly and provide the following information:

• Desired Destinations
• Customer
• Signature
• Printed Name
• Title
• Date

NOTE:  You can request as many destinations as you like.

Step 3:
Once you have filled out the form, send the form back to AT&T Office@Hand.

You have now requested to enable blocked international destinations.