pdvConnect from AT&T

pdvConnect from AT&T allows you to send and receive communications from your employees in real time. Learn more on how to report your time and provide updates to or from your dispatcher here.

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Edit multiple users’ information using the pdvConnect web interface

Note: You can edit some of the options for multiple users at one time by checking the boxes next to users you want to edit. This is helpful when you have several users in one category that all need to have the same profile settings.

Note: Grayed items denote that the selected users have conflicting settings.

  1. Click Account Setup, and then Users.

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  2. On the “Users” page, select the users that you want to edit by checking the box next to the left of the “First Name”.
    Note: If the users are in categories, click on the plus sign next to the Category Name to view the users.
  3. Click Edit User(s).

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  4. You can edit the following user profile items:
    Time Zone – allows you to change your time zone
    Daylight Savings – allows user to enable daylight savings time
    Optional: Allow Login – gives the users access to the website
    E-mail Purged Messages – sends the purged messages to the user’s E-mail inbox
    Send Replies to My Phone – allows the contact’s text messages go to the users’ mobile phone
    Receive periodic updates – allows the user to receive periodic updates about their pdvConnect service
  5. Make the appropriate changes, and then click Save.

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text.