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Downloading the Office@Hand Softphone from your online account
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How do I download the Office@Hand Softphone?

Use the AT&T Office@Hand Softphone to take control of your calls right on your PC or Mac.  You can also answer or screen incoming calls, send fax messages and all other features that you can do with your Office@Hand account.

This article will guide you on how to download the AT&T Office@Hand Softphone.  Follow the steps below to learn how:

Note:  Log in to your Office@Hand online account before proceeding.

  1. On the menu, click Tools.
  2. Click Softphone.

  3. Select the version you wish to download (PC or Mac).

    Note:  For Windows PC users with MSOffice installed, you must identify its product version to integrate the Softphone.  Open MSWord then click on File > Help to locate the product version

  4. .Click on the download link.
  5. Click OK to confirm your download.

  6. Click Save File.

    Once you have downloaded the Softphone installer, you can install the program to any computer that you wish to use it with.

    You may also download the Softphone manually with the links below.

    MacSP 64bit
    WinSP 64bit
    WinSP 32bit

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