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Desktop App Enterprise Distribution  
Article #9210

What is Enterprise Distribution for the Office@Hand Desktop App?

Office@Hand for desktop is an easy-to-use app, and a comprehensive communications hub with all-inclusive phone, fax, business SMS, and conferencing for your desktop. It provides an intuitive interface that optimizes user experience and increases productivity.

Office@Hand Desktop App Non-Admin Install (for Windows)

Office@Hand Desktop App allows you to install the desktop app even without admin privileges. This feature empowers the user with no admin rights to proceed with installing the desktop app with limited features. This solves the issue of windows users being unable to proceed with using the desktop app because of the admin privileges required.

Note: Some features need admin privileges to be enabled upon installing the Office@Hand Desktop App.

Office@Hand Desktop App Enterprise Distribution

Office@Hand desktop app Enterprise Distribution For Enterprise users you may enable the Office@Hand desktop app Enterprise Distribution which allows you to opt-out from regular desktop updates for your desktop app users. This feature is disabled by default, customers will need to go through Support to have it enabled. Contact Support if you want to enable Enterprise Distribution.

Note: The desktop app will still update when required even if you have Enterprise Distribution enabled.

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