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Deskphones – Polycom Phones | Call Forwarding from Polycom VVX Phones (On-demand feature) | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #11084

AT&T Office@Hand supports an array of tested Polycom IP Phones which work well with your AT&T Office@Hand service. This article will guide you on how to enable Call Forward options directly on your Polycom VVX phone.

(On-demand feature) Call Forwarding from Polycom VVX Phones

Note: You will need to contact support to enable this feature.

When this feature is enabled, you may configure Call Forward options directly on your Polycom VVX phone via the Forward softkey.


  • The Call Forward configured by user on the phone will not show any indication on the Online account.
  • The Call Forward on Busy Menu option is not supported.
  • Call Forward option on Phone setup between multiple devices in a loop will be restricted to run only 3 times
  • A 911 Call Back if received on User’s Phone with Forward enabled will get forwarded to the destination

Using Call Forward on Phone

  • Enable Call Forward
  • Disable Call Forward

Enable Call Forward

  1. Tap the Forward softkey.
  2. Select the Call Forward type: Always or No Answer.
  3. Press Enable.

Disable Call Forward

  1. Tap the Forward softkey
  2. Disable the selected Forward type.

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