Private: AT&T Landline Texting

Learn how to add contacts and groups as well as send instant and scheduled text messages.

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Creating a spreadsheet of contacts for the AT&T Landline Texting web application 

  1. Open a new spreadsheet.
  2. In cell A1, enter “Phone”.
  3. In cell B1, enter “First Name”.
  4. In cell C1, enter “Last Name”.

    Image of steps 1 through 4.

  5. Add the phone numbers, first names, and last names of all the contacts to be imported in the appropriate columns.
    Note: The phone numbers can be typed in any of the following formats:
             • 4251112222
             • 425 111 2222
             • 425-111-2222
             • (425)-111 2222
             • (425)-111-2222
             • (425)1112222

    Image of step 5.

  6. Copy the following formula and paste into cell D2: =A2&” “&B2&” “&C2&”,”.

    Image of step 6.

  7. Copy the formula in cell D2 and paste in all the appropriate rows in column D.

    Image of step 7.

  8. The spreadsheet is now ready for use.