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Creating a barcode list using the TeleNav Track web interface

Note: Barcode fields can be included in wireless forms. There are two types of barcode fields—an individual barcode field that holds one barcode (a single barcode scan field) or a barcode field that holds up to 100 barcodes (a multiple barcode scan field). Using a mobile device, an employee can open a form that contains one or more barcode fields, use a barcode scanner to scan barcodes, and then send the form with the scanned information back to the TeleNav Track server.

Each type of barcode field may reference a predefined list of barcodes so that the TeleNav Track server knows exactly which item each scanned barcode represents. You can create new barcode lists by adding barcode records manually, or by uploading a barcode list in CSV file format. This is a very similar process to setting up an item list. Creating a barcode list makes it easier to search through a list of barcodes with similar numerical strings. You can assign names to individual barcodes so the next time the employee scans the same item number from the field, the item name will be displayed in the barcode report. This makes it much easier to identify the item instead of having to search through the long numerical strings

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under “Wireless Forms”, click Manage Wireless Forms.

    Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  3. Click Lists & Trees.
    Note: The page defaults to Barcode Lists.
  4. Click New Barcode List.

    Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  5. Enter a name in the field to the right of “Name”.
  6. Enter the description for the barcode list in the field to the right of “Description”.
  7. Click Save Barcode List.

    Actions in the photo are explained in the text.