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Associate PLEDGE from AT&T allows you to enforce mobile device usage policies and help protect your biggest assets, your employees. Learn how to eliminate driving incidents by eliminating the causes of distracted driving.

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Create a Watch Dog for violations by department for Associate PLEDGE from AT&T

Note: This example uses the Google Chrome™ browser. Your experience may vary if you are using a different browser.

  1. Launch the Associate PLEDGE admin site.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password, and then click Login.

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  3. Click the Watch Dogs tab.

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  4. Click the dropdown menu and select the department you wish to create a Watch Dog for.

  5. You can now fill in the following fields:
    • User ID: Use this field to enter the name of your Watch Dog
    Note: The User ID must be different than the Userid used to log into the console.
    • Password: Enter the desired password for your Watch Dog.
    • First Name: Enter the Watch Dog’s first name.
    • Last Name: Enter the Watch Dog’s last name.
    • Email Address: Enter the Watch Dog’s email address.
    • Mobile Number: Enter the Watch Dog’s mobile number.
    Note: Entering a mobile number is optional but the field cannot be left blank.

  6. To receive immediate violation notifications via email, check the “Email violations immediately” checkbox.
  7. To receive a summary email notification at the end of the day, check the “Email a Summary of Violations” checkbox.
    Note: Selecting one of the above mentioned checkboxes is required.
  8. Click Create.

  9. Your Watch Dog is now created.