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Desktop App – Join a Conference Call | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #11067

This article shows how you can join a conference call on the AT&T Office@Hand desktop app.

How to join a conference call on the AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App

  1. If you are an AT&T Office@Hand User and received the Conference invite on your AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App, you can go to the Messages tab Messaging tab and then, select the AT&T Office@Hand Conference invitation.
  2. Click the Dial-In Number. Depending on the settings of your AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App, it will either call the Dial-In Number, or prompt for a RingOut. For more information, go to Placing Outgoing Calls | AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App.

    Click the Dial-In Number.

  3. Enter your Participant Access Code, and then press the Pound/Hash key #. Further instructions will be provided over the phone.


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