AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe

Learn how to determine the firmware version, locate a device, view geofences, and much more using AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe.

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Charging a device that is on using the AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe Cargo View device

  1. Connect the USB cable to the mini-USB port on the USB charger.
  2. Verify that the USB charger is plugged in to a power source.
  3. Align the tabs on the USB charger with the tabs on the device, and then push the device into the charger and slide the device to lock it into place.

    Image of steps 1 through 3.

  4. The lights flash orange while charging. 

    Image of step 4.

  5. When the device is fully charged, the lights flash green until it is unplugged from the power source. 

    Image of step 5.