Private: Associate PLEDGE

Associate PLEDGE from AT&T allows you to enforce mobile device usage policies and help protect your biggest assets, your employees. Learn how to eliminate driving incidents by eliminating the causes of distracted driving.

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Change the settings for Associate PLEDGE from AT&T

Note: When making changes to the settings, users must power their phone off before they become effective.

  1. Launch the Associate PLEDGE admin site. 

  2. Enter your User ID and Password and then click Login. 

  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. Review and edit the listed options, and then click Update Settings.
    Note: If Update Settings is not visible, you may not have administrative access to this field. Reach out to your admin for additional assistance.
    • Speed Limit: Allows you to edit the minimum speed required before a user is notified of possible violations.
    • Stop Light Time: Allows you to change unlock time while a user is at a stop light.
    • GPS Tracking Frequency: Allows you to change how often GPS information is reported.
    • URL for Corporate Policy: Allows you to enter a custom message for drivers once a driver has stopped after committing a violation. This could vary from a standard policy notification to a customized notification.
    • URL for Quiz: Used to send a driver a corporate policy questionnaire after a violation has been recorded.
    • Unlock Phone Duration List: Allows you to change the duration times for unlock requests by the user.
    • iPhone notification frequency: Allows you to change the notification frequency for users while they are driving.