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Call Park Touch Tone Commands
Article #5275

This article will discuss the Call Park Touch Tone commands. If your device does not support Call Park because it does not have the softkey available, you may use touch tone commands. To do this, follow the steps below.

i.  Parking a Call
ii. Retrieving a Parked Call

Parking a Call

Step 1:
Put the call on hold by pressing the pound (#) key twice.

Step 2:
Press star (*) key.

Step 3:
Press 3 to park the call.

Step 4:
Listen to the system to know which extension it was parked.

Step 5:
Hang up and notify.

Retrieving a Parked Call

Step 1:
Press the star (*) key then the Virtual Extension that was generated by the system when the call was parked.

NOTE:  Retrieving a parked call can only be done by a AT&T Office@Hand registered phone.