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Automatic Call Recording – Enable or Disable | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #10918

This article provides information on how to enable or disable the automatic call recording feature in the AT&T Office@Hand Online Account. Automatic Call Recording is a feature which enables AT&T Office@Hand to automatically record all incoming or outgoing calls.

How to Enable or Disable Automatic Call Recording

  1. Log in as an Administrator to your AT&T Office@Hand online account.
  2. Go to Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings > Call Recording.

    Go to Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings > Call Recording.

  3. Toggle switch to enable Enable automatic call recording or disable Disable automatic call recording Automatic Call Recording, then click Save.
    Note: The Automatic Call Recording feature is disabled my default.

    Toggle switch to enable Enable automatic call recording or disable Disable automatic call recording Automatic Call Recording, then click Save.

  4. When you enable Automatic Call Recording you will see a notification on the details of call recording. Read the information and click Yes to accept and proceed.

    IMPORTANT: Certain laws require that your callers hear a call-recording notification before and after a call is recorded. As an administrator, you need to make sure your company’s call recording procedures comply with all applicable laws and regulations. AT&T Office@Hand is not responsible for your company’s compliance.

  5. You may configure the following settings for Automatic Call Recording:
    • Play periodic tones for outbound calls – Enabled by default, check to enable and uncheck to disable the injection of a short tone on the call to remind parties that the call is being recorded.
    • Play Call Recording Announcement for Outbound Calls – Check to enable playing call recording announcement to party answering the outbound call
    • Allow mute in auto call recording – Check to allow users to mute sections of the call recording so that sensitive information is not captured. Press *9 to mute the recording and *9 again to continue recording.
    • Call Recording Announcement – Click Edit to customize the default announcement: “This call is being recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect at this time.” Click Done to save your changes.
    • Extensions to Record – Click Edit to configure which Users’ and Groups’ calls will be automatically recorded. The list of Users are shown by default while Groups are sorted into different tabs: Call Queues, Shared Lines, Paging Only. Click Save to save your changes.
  6. Click Save.

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