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Authorize Other Users to Schedule AT&T Office@Hand Meetings For You
Article #71226

This article provides instructions on how to allow other users to schedule meetings for you in AT&T Office@Hand.

You can allow up to 40 Users to schedule a meeting on your behalf in AT&T Office@Hand Meetings. For example, an Administrator or Manager can allow their secretary to schedule or organize meetings on their behalf. Granting authorization to other Users is configured in the Online account.

  1. Log in to your AT&T Office@Hand Online account.
  2. Go to Settings > User Details > Settings & Permissions. If you are logged in as an Administrator, click the Admin Portal drop-down menu and switch to the My Extension interface to access your settings.
    NOTE: Administrators can configure the settings for their users who would want others to schedule meetings for them respectively by going to the Users tab in the Admin Portal interface and then selecting the designated user.
  3. Click the Meetings tab.

    Click the Meetings tab.

  4. Click Edit under Schedule Meetings for Me.

    Click Edit under Schedule Meetings for Me.

  5. On the Schedule Meetings for Me window, select the User(s) you want to grant permission to schedule meetings for you, then click Save.
    IMPORTANT: You and your authorized User(s) should log in to AT&T Office@Hand Meetings at least once for seamless activation of the feature.

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