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AT&T Office@Hand: Polycom – Make Video Calls
Article #10806

Details How to make video calls using Polycom desk phone?

You can start making video calls using your Polycom VVX 500/501/600/601 once the feature has been enabled by both Support and your Account Administrator. A new softkey appears on the Polycom desk phone.

  • This key is only available in idle state and will show “Audio Mode” when video is enabled
  • Select ‘Audio Mode’ to make audio-only call
  • Toggle the ‘Audio Mode’ softkey to show “Video Mode”
  • All calls made after selecting “Audio Mode” will remain audio only until a user switches to “Video Mode” using the softkey
  • Softkey will be removed from phone when the Administrator disables video calling option on the AT&T account.

Video calling is NOT supported when specific features are invoked or when calls are created using types of line such as SLG, Common Phone (without Hot Desk), Limited Extension (without Hot Desk).

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