AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Learn how to use your Enhanced Push-to-Talk service to talk almost instantly to other subscribers walkie-talkie style using their supported regular devices and smartphones. Use our self-help resources to learn how to place and receive calls, manage contacts and groups, send and receive alerts, and understand notifications.

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AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk FAQ and Troubleshooting

General FAQ and Troubleshooting Topics:

  • Activation
  • Launching the Application
  • EPTT Calls
  • Connecting Over Wi-Fi
  • Contact & Corporate Admin Tool Issues (CAT)
  • Integrated Dispatch





Resolution Steps

Cannot make initial connection to server to activate Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT)

Verify SMS is working

Send a free message to 151 and check for reply.


Verify internet connection

Launch browser (if blocked on feature phones, check for the 3G/4G indicator on device home screen).

After initial activation, EPTT client keeps trying to connect but cannot

Verify connectivity to good cellular signal

1.      Go to Settings.

2.      Search for the “About Device” setting.

3.      Check status and signal strength.

4.      On smartphones the signal strength should be better than -95 dBm.

5.      On feature phones, signal strength should be greater than or equal to 3 bars.

Receiving error message when activating

Reboot and then re-launch

Power cycle the device (leave off for about one minute) or place in airplane mode, and then turn back on.


Launching the Application



Resolution Steps

EPTT application will not launch

Search for phone number in CAT

·        Contact administrator for a search of the phone number (do not use dashes) or user name in CAT (Corporate Administrator Tool).

·        If neither phone number nor user name appears in CAT, the user is not provisioned with EPTT correctly. In this case, AT&T Support should be contacted for additional assistance.


Reset the application

·        On feature phones delete the app, re-add, and download.

·        On smartphones there are two potential solutions:

o   Delete and re-add the application. OR

o   Go to Manage Applications, select ATT EPTT and do a Force Stop and Clear Data.


Ensure that the device has the latest firmware

To determine software versions on:

·        SONIM: go to Menu > Settings > Firmware Detail – should be 11.3.0-39.25-2

·        Samsung Rugby 3: go to Menu > Settings > Phone Information > Software Version – should be A997UCMD5

·        Samsung Smartphones: go to Menu > Settings > About Device > Android Version – should be 4.1.2

·        BlackBerry: go to Options (Wrench Icon) > Device > About Device Versions – should be

·        NEC Terrain: go to Menu > Settings > About Phone

·        iPhone and iPad: go to Settings > General > About – should be 8.0


Ensure that the device has the latest EPTT client

·        On Smart Phones go to Settings > Manage Applications > select ATT EPTT and it should display the version. Current version is

·        For Feature Phones launch ATT EPTT > go to Settings > About – current version is (this may change more frequently than Smartphones)


Determine if there is a microcell or metrocell in place

If so, test connectivity with and without the microcell being on. There could be negative interaction with the microcell/metrocell.


EPTT Calls



Resolution Steps

Echo in EPTT

Move further away from other phones

Phones that are in close proximity will cause feedback and echo.


Expect a short delay

Some small delay is inherent in EPTT. This is typically one second, but could be a few seconds depending on the state of the network at the time.

Issues with EPTT on feature phone

Ensure regular voice service is working

If issue is experienced when using EPTT only, contact AT&T Support.

Trouble with connectivity

Determine if there is a 3rd party signal booster

If there is a 3rd party signal booster, test connectivity with and without the booster being on. There could be negative interaction with the signal booster.

Presence not working

Reboot device and/or remove battery

Verify if other phones are affected by same issue.

·        If other phones are affected, then note times and phone numbers affected and contact AT&T Support.

·        If other phones are not affected, reboot device and check to see if issue is resolved before contacting AT&T Support.

Connectivity varies

Determine if connectivity varies when moving from inside building to outside

Changes in connectivity when moving from inside a building to outside could be due to an in-building coverage issue. Contact AT&T Support for aid in troubleshooting and determining next steps.


Connecting Over Wi-Fi



Resolution Steps

Enhanced PTT not working over Wi-Fi

Test over cellular

Turn off Wi-Fi setting in EPTT client. Test over cellular (preferably outside in good signal area).


Ensure Wi-Fi settings are correct

For steps on checking the Wi-Fi settings, see our Wi-Fi requirements and best practices document.

For contact issues

Make sure devices show contacts assigned in CAT (on both calling number and number called)

Contact CAT administrator.


Contact & Corporate Admin Tool Issues (CAT)



Resolution Steps

EPTT/CAT trouble reporting

Understand the EPTT/CAT related troubleshooting & escalation process

The account team and/or CAT admins must log an immediate trouble ticket with AT&T Support.

CAT not showing EPTT numbers

Find active EPTT subscriber numbers in CAT

·        EPPT feature code may not yet be added to the subscriber number.

·        Porting number has not yet been released by previous carrier.

·        Your CAT FAN/BAN login credentials do not offer view access.

·        No active EPTT numbers have been provisioned.

Contact AT&T Support (or your account team if none of the above apply).

Accessing CAT

How to access the CAT interface

·        An AT&T Premier ID and password are required.

·        You must allow pop-ups from the AT&T Website.

·        Minimum browser requirements: IE8, Firefox 8, Safari 5 or Chrome 19

·        After you log in, click SETTINGS and then choose “Manage Enhanced PTT”.



Integrated Dispatch



Resolution Steps

Installation Issues

Ensure the PC meets the minimum hardware and software pre-requisites

For steps on checking the hardware and software pre-requisites, see the Integrated Dispatch Installation Guide.


Verify the Integrated Dispatch user has administrative rights

·        Administrative privileges are required to install and use the application.

·        Go to Control Panel of the user account and check whether user has admin privileges.


Ensure VPN has been turned off

Please disable VPN on your laptop/desktop before downloading pre-installer and during Integrated dispatch installation.


Verify MSMQ is enabled

In rare scenarios if MSMQ is not enabled automatically, enable MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing). For more information on how to enable MSMQ, see the Integrated Dispatch Installation Guide.


Determine if firewall/proxy set up correctly for server IPs and port 443, 8080

Check your firewall/proxy settings. For details, see the Integrated Dispatch Installation Guide.


Test web card URI path accessibility from browser

Try accessing below link from your IE browser and check whether configuration values are shown.


Test Google Map path accessibility from browser

Try accessing below link from your IE browser.

·        IE will prompt user for file download if it is successful.

·        If Google Map is not accessible or if you encounter a script related exception error, then Google Map path is not accessible from the browser.



If you’re still experiencing issues with installation, see the Integrated Dispatch Installation Guide for additional troubleshooting information. If you require further assistance, contact AT&T Support.

Application Issues

·        Application Launching Issues

·        Application Login Failures

·        Alert Issues

·        PTT Call Issues

·        Presence Issues

·        Logout Issue

·        Device Issues

·        Map Issues

·        Log Uploading Issues

·        Monitor Group Issues

·        Backup Issues

Review the Integrated Dispatch User Guide’s Troubleshooting section

See the Integrated Dispatch User Guide for additional troubleshooting information. If you require further assistance, contact AT&T Support.