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Admin Shortcuts via Web
Article #2677

Admin Shortcuts allow you to manage your AT&T Office@Hand online account by having shortcuts to different sections of the online account are available from the Settings Shortcuts panel of the Main Page of your AT&T Office@Hand account.

Click Admin Shortcuts from the Settings Shortcuts panel to access the following:

Manage Users – to access and make changes to options for Extension users via the Phone System page.

Company Call Handling & Greetings – to make changes to options available for handling handle incoming calls during Business Hours and After Hours, e.g., Play Company Greeting and Connect directly to extension.

Manage Phones – to add User Phones and Unassigned Phones for inbound and outbound calling.

Manage Departments – to access and make changes to Extension options of your AT&T Office@Hand phone system, i.e., Dept./Other, Users, and All. These include Departments, Take Messages Only, and Announcements Only.