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[ADMIN] Setting up your Call Queue Advanced call handling settings
Article #3440

How to set up your own Department Custom Rule (Advanced Options) via Web

This article discusses how to access and configure the Advanced Call Handling section of a Call Queue group.

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand account
  2. Go to Phone System > Groups.

    Go to Phone System > Groups.

  3. Select the Call Queue you wish to modify.

    Select the Call Queue you wish to modify.

  4. Click Call Handling > Advanced.

    Click Call Handling > Advanced.

  5. Click Add Rule.

    Click Add Rule.

  6. Set a name for the new rule and where you want the new rule to work.  Also, select the Base Custom rule on the following condition. Click Next to proceed.

    Set a name for the rule, select Base Custom rule and click Next to proceed.

    Date and/or Time rules – Apply based on a time of the day and week every week, or on a specific date range.
    Caller ID rules – Apply to calls coming from specific phone numbers. You can create a list of phone numbers to be used for this setting. (Numbers selected must be using Caller ID.)
    Called Number rules – Apply based on the phone number your clients dialed; for example, a phone number you are using for a customer promotion campaign.

  7. Define the condition on your selected custom rule.
    Date and/or Time rules  Date and/or Time rules
    Caller ID rules  Caller ID rules
    Called Number rules  Called Number rules
  8. You may select how you want your calls to be handled:
     Transfer call to call queue members – Distribute the call among your call queue members, using the members and rules you’ve already established for this call queue. For this option you may also change Call Screening, Call Handling, and Messages setting. Transfer call to queue members. 
     Play Announcement Only – Play a pre-recorded announcement and end the call afterwards.  For this option you may also change the Greeting.  Play announcements only.
     Take Messages Only – Send callers to voicemail.  For this option you may change the Voicemail Greeting and the Message Recipient.  Take messages only.
     Unconditional Forwarding – Select if you want to forward the call to a different phone number without having to go through your greeting settings. This option is good when you want the call to go directly to your personal voicemail when you don’t pick-up.  Unconditional forwarding.
     Connect to extension specified below – Transfer calls to a particular extension.  Connect to extension specified below.
  9. Click Done.

    Click Done.

  10. Click Save to finalize changes.

    Click Save to finalize changes.

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