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[ADMIN] Enabling or Disabling International Calling on your Office@Hand account 
Article #3296

Am I allowed to make international calls and how can I enable it?

International Calling is disabled by default.  As an Administrator, you can enable this feature and allow extension users to use this feature. To enable this feature, you will need to do the following:

Enable / Disable International Calling
Allow Users to place International Calls

Note:  You need to be an account Administrator to perform the following procedure.

Enable / Disable International Calling

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand online account.
  2. Click Billing > International Calling.

  3. Click on Enable International Calling.

    Note:  A pop-up window may appear when enabling International Calling.  Click OK.

  4. To disable International Calling, click on Disable International Calling.

    You can also disable International calling to specific countries by clicking on the slider buttons On or Off located on the right of a country.

       International Calling Enabled

       International Calling Disabled

Allow Users to place International Calls

Admins can set which Users are allowed to place International Calls. Users not permitted to place International Calls will NOT have the capability of calling International Numbers even though International Calling is enabled on the account.


  1. Log in to your Office@Hand online account.
  2. Go to Users then click Roles.

  3. Select a Role.

    Note: International dialing is allowed on all predefined roles except Standard. Select which role fits for your selected user/s needs.  

  4. Click Assigned Users.

    Note: The Overview section show the permissions granted by the Role.

  5. Click Assign User.

    Click Assign User.

  6. Select the extensions you want to assign the selected role. Tick the checkbox beside the User’s name, then click Assign to save your assignments.

    Click Assign.

    Note: To remove a user from the list, click the box beside the extension’s name then click the Remove button.

    Click the Remove button.

    You have now enabled International Calling in your Office@Hand account.

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