AT&T Landline Texting

Learn how to add contacts and groups as well as send instant and scheduled text messages.

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Adding an MMS attachment (Premium Packages only) using the AT&T Landline Texting web application

Note: There is a 160 character maximum for text messages. MMS Texting only supports .jpeg, .png, and .gif file types.

  1. From the AT&T Landline Texting web application home page, click New Text.

    Image of step 1.

  2. Click in the “Type name or mobile number” field to populate the list of contacts, and click on the contact(s) to include in the text.
  3. Optional: Click in the “Type a message” window and enter an applicable message. 

    Image of steps 2 and 3.

  4. Click the paper clip /attach Image of paper clip/attach icon. icon. 

    Image of step 4.

  5. Select the appropriate image, and then click Open.

    Image of step 5.

  6. Click the SEND button. 

    Image of step 6.