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Adding addresses to your address book using the TeleNav Track web interface

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under “Locations”, click Address Book.
  3. The address book populates.
  4. Click New Address.

    Image of steps 1 through 4.

  5. Enter the street address in the box to the right of “Street”.
  6. Enter the city in the box to the right of “City/State”.
  7. Using the dropdown to the right of the “City” text box, select the state.
  8. Enter the zip code in the box to the right of “Zip Code”.
    Note: If the location does not have an assigned street address (for example, a construction site), you can enter the latitude and longitude coordinates instead of the address. If you do not know the latitude and longitude for the location but your employees have previously visited the location, you can retrieve this information from the breadcrumb reports for that employee. Latitude and longitude readings must be in decimal degree (DD) format in order to enter into TeleNav Track’s address book. TeleNav Track’s address book will not accept coordinates in degree/minute/second format. Public address (the default) can be viewed by other administrators on the account. Private address can only be seen by the administrator who sets up the address.

    Image of steps 5 through 8.

  9. Optional: Enter the landmark settings.
  10. Optional: Enter the contact information.
  11. Enter the custom properties as required by your company.
    Note: Use these additional fields to note important information about customers, such as gate access codes and customer status. You can use the Customer Number field for quick customer identification. Other fields in this section vary, depending on user configuration.
  12. Click Save Address.

    Image of steps 9 through 12.