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Learn how to use TeleNav Track to communicate with your mobile workforce while in the field. Let our convenient self-help tools show you how to keep track of your employees’ time, manage jobs, run reports using the web interface and much more.

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Adding a subgroup using the TeleNav Track web interface

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under “Company Settings”, click Groups & Teams.
  3. Click on the folder in the tree below “Manage Groups” that needs a new subgroup.
    Note: You can have seven levels of group hierarchy from the top-level group. If you attempt to create an eighth level of group hierarchy, TeleNav Track will remind you of the maximum seven-level limit.

    Image of steps 1 through 3.

  4. Click the dropdown arrow in the grey box to the right of the group name and click Add Subgroup.

    Image of step 4.

  5. Enter the new subgroup name in the box under “Add Subgroup”.
  6. Click Add Subgroup.

    Image of steps 5 and 6.