bigtincan hub from AT&T

Learn how to use the bigtincan hub from AT&T as a unified highly secure mobile content enablement solution to deliver the right content to the right users at the right time and location. Use our self-help resources to learn how to create stories, share stories, sync Box files and create users.

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Adding a file to a story using the bigtincan from AT&T web portal

  1. Click the image or title of the desired story.

    Image of step 1.

  2. Click on Edit at the top right.

    Image of step 2.

  3. Click on Files at the top left of the page.

    Image of step 3.

  4. Click on the Add File dropdown.

    Image of step 4.

  5. Click on Desktop.

    Image of step 5.

  6. Navigate to and click on the desired file.
  7. Click on the Open button.

    Image of steps 6 and 7.

  8. Set your desired “Share status” and “Watermark” settings.
  9. Click on the Done button to the right of the file name.

    Image of steps 8 and 9.

  10. Click the Publish button at the top right.

    Image of step 10.

  11. The file uploads and displays.

    Image of step 11.