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Add a user with the AT&T Mobile Forms web portal

1.     From the home screen, hover over the “USERS & GROUPS” drop-down arrow Image of the drop-down arrow..

Image of step 1.

2.     Hover over “Users…”.

Image of step 2.

3.     Click Create User in the menu.

Image of step 3.

4.     Enter the user’s information in the following fields:

•      In the “Username” field, enter the desired username. Typically the username is the same as the email address.

•      In the “Email Address” field, enter the user’s email address.

•      In the “First Name” field, enter the user’s first name.

•      In the “Last Name” field, enter the user’s last name.

•      In the “Company Name” field, enter the user’s company name.

Image of step 4.

5.     Click the drop-down arrow Image of the drop-down arrow. under “* Role”.

Image of step 5.

6.     Click on the desired user role.

Note: The role determines the user’s level of access to the web administration portal.

Image of step 6.

7.     Click on the desired group(s) under “Available Groups”.

Image of step 7.

8.     Click the right arrows button Image of the right arrows..

Image of step 8.

9.     Check the “Generate Password” checkbox box to auto-generate a new password. To manually enter a password, uncheck the box, and enter it in the fields under “Password”, and “Confirm Password”.

Image of step 9.

10.   To send the user a custom welcome email, click the checkbox to the left of “Send Welcome Email on Create”. Click in the field under “Custom Message in Welcome Email” and enter your message.

Image of step 10.

11.   Click the Create button.

Image of step 11.

12.   The user’s information displays.

Image of step 12.