pdvConnect from AT&T

pdvConnect from AT&T allows you to send and receive communications from your employees in real time. Learn more on how to report your time and provide updates to or from your dispatcher here.

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Add a text messaging user (Individual Shared Contact) using the pdvConnect web interface

Note: Office workers and managers who want to send text messages to users in the field via the recipients text messaging link need to have the recipients set up as individual contacts assigned to them. For more information regarding assigning users, see “Manage Shared Contacts’ Users Assignments Using the pdvConnect Web Interface”.

  1. Click Account Setup, and then Shared Contacts.
  2. Click Create New Contact.

  3. Enter the new contact’s name in the box below “Name”.
  4. Enter the new contact’s email address in the box under “Email”.
  5. Enter the new contact’s phone number in the box below “Phone”.
  6. Optional: Enter a subject line in the box under “Subject Line”.
  7. Click Add.
    Note: When you are creating an individual shared contact strictly for the purpose of sending text messages, you do not need to change the contact options, permissions or sending options.

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text.