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AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to use your AT&T Business Messaging service. Receive tips on how to log in to the AT&T Business Notification Center website to build lists and send messages, or integrate with notification applications. Use our step by step walk-throughs to learn how to create, edit, import, and export both contacts and groups.

Written Tutorials

AT&T Business Messaging Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding AT&T Business Messaging

How to Get Technical Assistance for AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to get technical assistance for AT&T Business Messaging.

AT&T Business Messaging Protocols and Their Specifications

Learn the details of various AT&T Business Messaging protocols and their specifications.

Sending a Message via SMTP Using AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to send a message via SMTP using AT&T Business Messaging.

Creating a Group Distribution List for SMTP Messages Using AT&T Busine...

Learn how to create a group distribution list for SMTP messages using AT&T Business Messaging.

Sign Up for Product Service Announcements for AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to sign up for product service announcements for AT&T Business Messaging.

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